Soy-Biobased Case Studies

Award-Winning Education Center Takes Formaldehyde-Free Materials to the Farm

Inspired, 2 Biobased Buildings

Environmental Consciousness Coupled with Creativity Put Soy Inside Seattle’s Bullitt Center and Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design.

Biobased Experiment Seals Deal with Middle School Students

In 2014, students at Medford Memorial Middle School in Medford, NJ began learning that soybeans, like the ones growing in local fields, are an ingredient in a variety of biobased products that benefit their environment.

Soy-based Adhesive At Fort Lee Eliminates Dangerous Formaldehyde

For the 20 people who work in Ft. Lee’s Building 11108, it’s comforting that the cabinets throughout the building emit no formaldehyde.

Yellowstone Carpet Brings Biobased Beauty to Beastly Performance Pressures

The National Conference Center’s leadership saw Yellowstone-inspired biobased carpet as a natural for their sustainability and performance standards.

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